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Good job on the polishing, but the anatomy needs work. You broke her back, and you put her left leg really far back. Also, I don't know if that's her right shoulder above her right breast, but if it is, you need to move it back a bit, and move it closer to the center of her chest. Like I said I like the polish, and color palette.

nice job, consider working on your line-work though

Wabaki88 responds:

Im always learning!

Great start, good job on the anatomy, and I like the more dynamic pose. But her eyes are kind of in the wrong position, especially the right one, consider referencing the rule of thirds. Also, you could try shading with colors other than a darker vale of what you're using when shading. for example, some people use a washed out purple to shade skin tones because that specific hue of purple compliments the yellow-orange skin tone, using alternate colors for shading not only makes the piece feel more real, it also makes it stand out more. But I still really like this.

try using a wider range of values, it looks nice though

her rib cage is broken, her chest area makes it look like the cage goes vertical, but then she has a lump that implies it's angled, then she has an extra row of hips connecting her centipede cage to her "real" hips. I get that you want to make cartoon pornography of someone else's wife, but at least do her the service of giving her a body that makes sense. other than the fricc'ed anatomy. the line-work and colors are nice

I like it, but the anatomy is a bit off, the hips start at the bottom of the sides of the rib-cage, and her neck is a little long, but otherwise great job


BadTyke responds:

Hey man thanks for the critique! I'll keep that in mind :)

Pretty good sculpting work, I think you should look more into anatomy though. The pectorals are only made of three horizontal sections, and the top two abs almost look squished by the pectorals, they don't really compete with them for space. I like that you wanted to include the external obliques and serratus anterior, but you forgot the latissimus dorsi, which goes behind the serratus anterior and connect to the back of the deltoids. Also, look up the pattern of the serratus anterior and oblique muscles, it's a little complicated, but once you get it down, it makes muscular characters look much more defined, and a lot cooler in my opinion. Like I said, Great work

deafguitarist063 responds:

Ah yes that is true. I'm still learning to make accurate anatomy. Thanks for letting me know what i should work on. That clear my mind and push me to improve more on that area.

Thanks for the feedback :)

awesome colors, I really like the blur effects you used as well. Also, I'm digging the 80's-esque aesthetic

I think this is pretty good, but you might want to consider the pose, and the angle. Our horizon line is at about where she's sitting, and she has her hand behind her neck, this would mean that she's hunched over, because of this the majority of her upper torso should be foreshortened, and her pelvic area would take up more space between her legs and her chest. But besides that I think this is really good.

Also, I JUST noticed I've done like three reviews on you, I didn't mean for that, sorry if it seems like I'm being rude or condescending, I'm just looking at the new art tab

VaporNinja responds:

No don't apologize. I hardly ever get criticism. I actually appreciate it.
I know some people think criticism is condescending or rude but to be honest just pointing out flaws or things I could work on is actually more helpful than it is hurtful. I genuinely don't like people who can't take criticism. Thanks for all of the reviews.

the torso is decent for the most part. Her right arm is a bit screwy, her shoulder was put too far back, and her arm is too thin/ short. Her hand is also really small, for future reference, the hand (when the fingers are open) is slightly larger than the face, and (when the arm is at it's side) should be able to reach half-way down the thigh. Also, I get that it's more of an anime style, but her right eye should be closer to the center of her face. Consider using construction lines when creating the upper and lower torso so that you can better tell how they connect, I say this because you have a section between her rib-cage and hips that doesn't really exist, the hips more or less start at the bottom of the sides of the rib-cage, sometimes a bit higher. despite the few issues, you're definitely headed in the right direction!



VaporNinja responds:

Thanks again!

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