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This is my favorite thing to watch

storytellerYT responds:

happy to hear :)

This is easily top-tier meme material

um .... the music was nice, the rest was, well terrifying

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the mlg compilation, weed smoking, Illuminati, oh baby a triple meme has been dead since 2014, get with it, and the weegie meme was from like 2007
the gourmet race remix, was from like 2006
spoderman as from 2014
doge was back in like 2013
gooby pls wasn't even brought up in 2016
warping the image has never been a meme, over-saturating and over-contrasting the image has
the sweet bro and hella Jeff meme was from like 2010
the shrek meme was stale be late 2014

\where the hell were the bee movie memes
why weren't the nutshack and pawnshop themes not songs for dab-streaks
where were the hugh-mungus memes, and why wasn't "humongous wot" an audio que

also, I got to 1064 memes before I wrote this

Parkereldreth responds:

2016 in a nutshack

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wow, this is awesome. The color pallet is rocking!

The pose is a bit off, the hips should start at the bottom of the sides of the rib-cage, and her breasts are a bit misshapen. I'd also recommend not shading with airbrush-esque brushes, they don't really look natural. when painting digitally, most artists will have a set range of values, and will layer them in individually instead of laying in a really dark gray, and then blending it. Also, her left shoulder should be farther back, and the placement of her deltoid should be tweaked just a bit aswell. On her right arm her deltoid should be rotated back a bit, and you should be able to notice where her tricep picks up. You also drew her upper arm significantly longer than her left upper arm (accounting for perspective), her elbow is a bit broken as well. It's best to practice with figure studies before drawing from your head


00110110 responds:

will try that, I am pretty new to digital painting. Thanks for the review

Good job on the polishing, but the anatomy needs work. You broke her back, and you put her left leg really far back. Also, I don't know if that's her right shoulder above her right breast, but if it is, you need to move it back a bit, and move it closer to the center of her chest. Like I said I like the polish, and color palette.

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