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Dab Simulator 2016 TRIBUTE EDITION Dab Simulator 2016 TRIBUTE EDITION

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the mlg compilation, weed smoking, Illuminati, oh baby a triple meme has been dead since 2014, get with it, and the weegie meme was from like 2007
the gourmet race remix, was from like 2006
spoderman as from 2014
doge was back in like 2013
gooby pls wasn't even brought up in 2016
warping the image has never been a meme, over-saturating and over-contrasting the image has
the sweet bro and hella Jeff meme was from like 2010
the shrek meme was stale be late 2014

\where the hell were the bee movie memes
why weren't the nutshack and pawnshop themes not songs for dab-streaks
where were the hugh-mungus memes, and why wasn't "humongous wot" an audio que

also, I got to 1064 memes before I wrote this

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Parkereldreth responds:

2016 in a nutshack